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One of the most feared complications from diabetes is amputations of toes and feet. That often happens partly because diabetics suffer from something called neuropathy, where they can't feel their feet. There is an exciting new way to treat this nerve problem, using magnets.

Doctors of veterinary medicine share the remarkable benefits of Nikken's advanced wellness products. When an animal recovers better and faster because of these products, you know it is not a placebo effect. (*)

Veterinarians Panel – Part 1 of 4  

Veterinarians Panel – Part 2 of 4  

Veterinarians Panel – Part 3 of 4  

Veterinarians Panel – Part 4 of 4  


The use of magnets for health goes back centuries. Now more and more doctors, other health professionals, athletes, and millions of people around the world are enjoying the benefits of magnets. Scientific studies in the Japan and the US have validated their benefits. It is the Next Big Thing in Wellness and still only about 1% of the population has any magnetic products. Discover them for yourself. The image quality in some of these videos is not great, while it is good in others. Watch all four parts – excellent information.

(*) We make no medical claims. Results may vary. Experience these products for yourself.

Magnets in the News - Part 1 of 4  

Magnets in the News - Part 2 of 4  

Magnets in the News - Part 3 of 4  

Magnets in the News - Part 4 of 4  


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